Survey Found Facebook Beats TV From 9 To 5

A survey conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates in April 2011 found that between 9am and 5pm, more consumers surveyed reported using Facebook than watching TV. This was true for each age group broken out from ages 15 to 46. Baby boomers were the only exception. Those surveyed preferred TV over Facebook at all hours. But that doesn’t mean they don’t Facebook. Survey found around 26% of those surveyed used the social network between 9am and 5pm.

So it tells marketers that working hours (9am-5pm) most probably is the best time frame to launch social media marketing campaigns especially you prefer Facebook ads campaign.

But it didn’t say that after working hours aren’t good marketing time at all. Because according to the survey, around 40% of those surveyed say they continue to use Facebook into the evening hours. Survey also found that 41% of those mom surveyed used the social network between 5pm and 8pm during dinner make time.

So it depends on what audience group Facebook ads are targeting and what product/service to promote. However most likely you want to run massive Facebook ads campaigns during working hours, if you want to reach more audiences as possible. But we still suggest to run Facebook ads campaigns during dinner time (5pm-8pm) if you want to target those moms and dads. Because who knows, the conversion rate during dinner time might be higher than during working hours.