Real Estate Video Marketing For Local Realtor

Video marketing is proved to be super powerful for local business. Not only video marketing is a great way to build your brand, but an efficient way to get local traffic attention. Our video marketing suggestion for local Realtor is to do more than having new listing videos. Take this video for example, Realtor did presentation on pre sale open house on site. That video presentation got 74 views on the first week after it was uploaded to YouTube. It was a successful marketing approach. Because it simply means that video pulled 74 visitors to that pre sale site virtually. Some of them might even walk into the sale centre themselves after seeing that video.

For that video marketing project, we involved in the whole process from video shooting on site, video editing, video branding with great video opening and ending, video submission to couple of video sites including YouTube, SEO YouTube video to optimize for best search result, all the way to track and analyse that video marketing results.

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