Keyword Ranking Tracking Everyday

Keyword ranking decides where search engines show any particular website on their search results for any particular keyword (phrase). If the ranking is within 10, we called that website is ranked on top page of certain search engine. By the end of the day of all of our hard SEO and SEM jobs, ranking on top page of either Goolge, Yahoo, Bing or Baidu (Chinese biggest search engine) is what we want to achieve.

Therefore we develop our own keyword ranking tool which can track hundreds of keyword (phrase) for any website. And it records that website ranking histories. For this particular one, we tracked 24 keyword phrases for one website for one and a half year. We saw website rankings movement so clearly that we understand how search engines changed rankings every time we did some SEO jobs for that website and every time search engines changed their algorithm. That’s why we believe that keyword ranking tracking is one of the most vital steps in SEO and SEM.

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